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A huge shout out to Hookers and Clickers

By: Chris Haycock, on 29 February 2020

Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful team of ladies who toil away with their knitting needles, we're able to reduce the cost of putting together our KipBags.

Four-season sleeping bag issue

By: Chris Haycock, on 26 November 2019

The latest batch of KipBags do not contain the usual four-season sleeping bag most suitable for cold winter nights. Chris explains why this is.

Homeless given 'meaningless advice' by councils

By: Chris Haycock, on 18 August 2016

There is evidence that the homeless are being given meaningless advice, and are being treated in a 'dismissive' and 'at times discriminatory' way. That's not good enough.

Michelin chef to cook for homeless in Edinburgh

By: Chris Haycock, on 16 August 2016

Here's a fantastic gesture by top chef Martin Wishart. He's going to be whipping up a culinary delight for the homeless in Edinburgh.

Personal speech about homelessness

By: Chris Haycock, on 04 August 2016

A few weeks ago I was asked by FTSE 100 Mentor Moe Nawaz to give a speech about my experiences with homelessness. Here's a transcript, which tells my story.

First KipBag trustees named

By: Chris Haycock, on 29 July 2016

Following on from early discussions, the names of the first KipBag trustees has been announced.

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